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Welcome to Lap of the Earth
Fostering wellness and personal connection with the Earth through herbal consultations, education, ethical wildcrafting, and eco-spirituality

Our natural state of being is one of health and wellness, full of vitality, lust for life, and in emotional, physical, and mental balance.  In this day, it is a rarity to see someone who even comes close to living in this state of well-being.  Our modern lives subject us to numerous substances and energies that are
harmful to our health.  We often get caught up in the "rat race" and find ourselves in a constant state of stress.  We don't eat well, and we don't take any time to nurture ourselves.  We feel disconnected from the world and from everyone around us.  So of course, we develop illness and states of dis-ease.

Our ancestors lived in close connection with the Earth, paid attention to the natural cycles, ate in season, worked with the plants, and felt interconnected with all of life.  We haven't changed much in the last few thousand years; our bodies are still dependent on living a more balanced, natural way of life.

Plant Medicine is one way to regain this sense of connection, as well as help to bring the body back into balance and achieve a state of wellness.

Please explore this website, and contact me if you have any questions.


Upcoming Classes and Events

As a "Thank You" for welcoming me into Reno, I am offering a special!

Herbal Consultations: sliding scale $45-60 Initial, $30-45 Follow Up
Energetic/Spiritual Healing Services: $20 intake consult + donation
Tarot Readings: $25 Suggested Donation
Spiritual Coaching Sessions: $45 Suggested Donation

Individual Instruction/Mentoring and Group Classes also available.  Inquire for rates.

This special is available to everyone, whether located in Reno or not, when services can be provided via Skype/Phone/Email.  Rates will eventually go to a set cost for services, so take advantage of this special now!

Green Blessings!

About Me

Jill 'Syren' Boyer is a clinical herbalist and owner of Lap of the Earth, an herbal business based in Reno, NV.  The goal of Lap of the Earth is to nurture wellness and personal connection with the Earth.
Jill offers classes in a range of herbal, spiritual, and earth-based topics, and believes education should lead to self-empowerment.  She also provides herbal consultations, and has been praised as a compassionate practitioner with a special ability to be fully present with her clients, and use her skills to provide a holistic experience, healing body, mind, and soul.  She has a strong desire to help people reconnect with the Divinity inherent in themselves and in the Earth.
Jill is a graduate of
One World Healing Arts Institute in Asheville, NC, having completed the 16 month Clinical and Professional Herbalism program and apprenticing with Mimi Hernandez.  She is also a co-founder of
The Mother Grove Temple and is an active Priestess in her community. She has a degree in Liberal Arts and Psychology.  She is also an avid poetess and writer and loves to share her work.  She recently relocated to Reno and is looking forward to providing services for her new community.

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